Photoshoot 4- Edits

These are a selection of my best edits from my photoshoot with Hollie and Melissa. I picked these edits depending on the angles, crop, and which ones I think would look best printed. As the lighting was messing up, it affected the colours. Luckily I managed to fix this in post production. I picked them mainly depending on how much of the pattern and outfit came through, and how the pose looked.

To start off my editing process and choosing my best pictures, I opened them up into Capture One and 5 starred all the strongest images. This narrowed them right down to the best of my shoot. When going through my 5 starred images, I adjusted the white balance and exposure to sort out the dark lighting issues I had. I then amped up the colours to make them bolder, brighter and more in your face. I then played around with the highlights and shadows to enhance the lighting and shadows I created on half of the models face and body and I am very happy with how they turned out in Capture One.

After editing them in Capture One, I then imported them into Photoshop to work on the skin and smoothing out the background of some of my best ones that I wanted to use in my printed book. Skin retouching has never been my strong point as a photographer, so I had to learn a new technique that would give me the best results as this was to showcase my best work to date. The new technique I learnt seemed to work well, it took a bit longer to edit them all, but I knew that the end result would look good. I was excited by how they were turning out and I also felt proud of myself for learning and applying this new skin editing technique in a short space of time to get the images finished for when I meet Geraint for my next tutorial.

Now I had the edits finished, I will show these to Geraint in my next tutorial with him, get his advice and feedback and see where I need to improve and can make my next shoot stronger.

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