My Client/Characters Story

A few weeks ago when we explained our initial ideas and attributes to Matthew, he went on to write each of us a short monologue describing our character and explaining who they are. They were only a few short sentences and we could adapt/change it however we like. This is the scenario Matt wrote for me…

“It’s true people do look like their pets and my wanna-be star just loves dogs. They walk together, talk together they primp and preen together all in a Ragga muffin style”

I liked what he had written for me but I wanted to slightly adapt it and give it more of a story. Giving it more of a story will help me video element as I will be able to get my character to reiterate it in the narrative. I also needed to add an element of emotion/a sob story into it to keep the audience interested and enticed into their story/journey.

My clients re-written story is…

20 year old Abi is a young, girly, dog loving wanna be superstar from Essex. As her day job she is a dog groomer, not only does she like making herself look good, but her four legged friends too! When looking at Abi and seeing the way she is, you wouldn’t believe what genre of music is her favourite, and what style she wants to make a huge career in?… Yep, its Ragga music. Ragga music is a form of Reggae music mixed with dance/hip hop music too. Abi got into Ragga music through her mum, Carlene. Abi was adopted by Carlene, who originated from Jamaica, when she was very young. They would always listen to it in the car, while cooking and cleaning, it made them feel happy and they really connected over the genre of music. Unfortunately a few years ago Carlene passed away, leaving Abi and her other adopted children behind. Abi now wants to strive forward with the competition, going for the winning title, to be able to pursue her career in Ragga music, she hope to make her mum proud.

I thought of that rough storyline/treatment for my character so I knew what kind of things to ask her and get her to say in the video. She clearly explains who she is and what she likes, and visually you’ll be able to see that too, and then the sob story part comes in when she starts speaking about her love of Ragga music coming from her mum who passed away.

I think a story like this will work well as seeing how she will look you would never expect her to be into Ragga music or adopted by a Jamaican woman, and adding the emotional part into it adds to the idea of the brief.

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