Location & Lighting- Sketches and Diagrams

Now I knew how I wanted my before shot to look, I really had to decide how I wanted to shoot it in Paige’s house. As I had been to her house before I was able to draw up some diagrams of where and how in her house I could shoot it depending on the seating and lighting coming through the windows. Luckily there are a lot of windows in her front room so it will be nice and bright without adding a lot of extra lighting. I am going to use a form of portable flash, most likely a speed light as it is small, easy to carry and brings bold lighting when needed. I feel it will be a good way for me to bring out the bright pink on Paige and the fur texture in her dog.

Below the diagram I drew of Paige’s living room I roughly drew up some types of images I could take to show off my client. I drew up different scenarios using Paige, the dog and parts of her living room. One of Paige grooming the dog on a table, one of Paige sitting and proudly holding her dog and the third one the same but involving a giant eddy bear. Paige has a giant 5ft teddy bear at her house that I am going to experiment with in my images, I feel that adding the teddy bear into it will add a fun and girly element. I will experiment with and without it and see which looks best.

Images of the living room location-

As you can see it is a very well lit room from the amount of window light being let into the room. There are also a number of chairs to sit and film the interview on and lots of space for us to work in.

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