After Shot Planning- Styling & Lighting…


After creating my mood boards for my after shot, I have the idea of styling the outfit myself, and making sure it involves the reggae colours yellow, red, green and black. I think that making the colours bold and bright will make the music genre obvious, and I’m not entirely sure how else I could get it across so boldly. Looking into artists such as Rihanna, Shaggy and Sean Kingston, I noticed they always over accessorise and wear a lot of gold jewellery, head scarves and sunglasses.

I mainly took into looking at Rihanna. Specifically her album covers and music videos. As Rihanna is the most famous modern ragga star that people know today, I feel like taking a lot of inspiration from her would keep it really fresh and modern. I really liked her look that she wore in the music video for her song Wild Thoughts. She gave me a kind of Caribbean, fortune teller look and it really made me want to replicate it for my after shot. Not replicate it exactly, as I don’t want my character looking like a fortune teller, but I liked how she kept the look original and it involved the reggae colours. I also really liked how she had one of the reggae colours very prominently in the background of her image, meaning she could wear more than one garment of the same colour without it being too much. I would like to use a coloured background in my after shot image to contrast with the outfit I will put together and tie all of the reggae colours in together.

Taking these elements into my own hands, I started looking for elements of an outfit online, that I could easily source and would have on time. I really liked some of the items that I found, and feel they would make a strong image, keeping it true to my clients genre of music, Ragga.


I am going to shoot my after shot in the studio, as I feel that the studio gives a very professional and clean look, and will emphasise the fact they’ve been through the transformation from before to now. With the lighting for my ‘after shot’, I am going to use a familiar lighting set up to what I have used before. My current FMP project has all been studio based work, and I really enjoy the lighting set up I am now familiar with using. I have a refined style of portrait photography now since doing my FMP project and I think it would be good for me to apply it to my after shot for this project too. As I am planning for my after shot to be bold and colourful, replicating the style of portrait photography I have now been practising for a while will carry my style through.

Using this lighting that I am now familiar with creates a really strong, bold light on one half of the models face and leaves defining shadows on the other. It lifts the model out of the backdrop of the image and gives it some depth. Here are some examples of my work I have shot with this lighting set up…

This is roughly the kind of style I will want my after shot to look like…

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