After Shot- How Will They Change?

Now I had my before shot and my 2 minute video planned out and ready to shoot, it was time for me to start refining my ideas for my after shot. For the after shot, we have to take a picture of our character once they have transformed through the journey of fame through doing the talent show. We have to transform them and show that they have changed into the wannabe music star they have always wanted to be. For my personal projects attributes for my character, who I have named Abi, she starts of as a dog grooming, dog loving, barbie doll from Essex, and she is going to transform into the next big selling Ragga solo artist. It still scares me a little bit that the after transformation won’t work, as it is very much the opposite from her before look.

Going back to some previous research I did at the start of this project into Ragga music, Ragga artists, album covers and colours, it gave me a vision of how I can transform my client into their transformed persona. Some of the dominant attributes in the Ragga album covers are strong lighting, close cropped portrait, red lips, natural skin makeup, reggae colours red, yellow, green and black. I also have the idea of getting a dog involved in the after shot, maybe having my character and the dog looking the same? It may make it quite comical, and add an interesting element to my image that I know no one else will have thought of, and as I mentioned before, I would be pushing myself as I had never used a dog in the studio before. Going back through my Ragga music research this is a rough moodboard I conjured up…

My mood boards involve the colours, makeup, styling, accessories and lighting I found while researching Ragga music, artists and album covers. I am going to refine my research and ideas and start looking into photographers and lighting to see how I can get inspiration and ideas for my final ‘after’ shot.

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