Planning Photoshoot #4

Now I am half way through the amount of studio slots I have booked, I need to make my last few shoots some of my strongest work yet, keeping the theme and elements of my previous shoot flowing. As I had already done 2 photoshoots (that worked) with bright coloured clothing which was quite plain and casual, I decided I wanted to slightly push the styling and involve a bit more pattern and different types of fittings. For example, maybe a thinner jacket, more crop tops, even layering garments? I also wanted to try and experiment with more makeup involved as my first few shoots had been quite subtle on the makeup side. I might try and have the eye or lip makeup matching the colour of the background or the clothing they’re wearing? I had a rough vision of some outfits and makeup I wanted to experiment with. This was a rough moodboard I initially made my my 4th photoshoot…

I want to try and find someone who will pull off bold patterns in their looks, and someone who can work with it rather than get lost in it. It would be interesting to have an ‘unconventional’ model look too and try to find someone with piercings and tattoos. Keeping it edgy, bold and bright.

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