Photoshoot 4- Styling Planning

The styling is one of the most important elements to my work as that is the main focus that contrasts against the coloured backgrounds. It is going to be one of the first things people see when they look at my pictures so it tends to be the one thing that I plan first so I know I am guaranteed to have a stylist and looks to photograph.

I had a style in mind for how I wanted this shoot to look. I knew I wanted to experiment with more pattern and makeup. I put some adverts out on social media, with moodboards to advertise for a stylist to help me on this shoot and awaited response. I had quite a few people get in touch with me about styling my shoot for me. I looked through each of their styling work and their social media accounts to see who would work best for the style I am after, and in the end I chose a girl called Melissa, and she ended up being a mutual friend of someone I am friends with. Melissa seemed perfect to help me out with this as she seemed to have a very wacky, creative and ‘I don’t care’ kind of style. She seemed confident with the things she wore, and was very creative with patterns and colour palettes. She sent me pictures of some clothing she has that she can use for the shoot…

I was very excited to see some of the clothes she had in mind of bringing. A lot of bold colour and pattern that would work really well in the studio against the coloured backdrops. Once we had confirmed dates, details and exchanged phone numbers, Melissa mentioned that she had a friend who was a makeup artist and model who wanted to help her out on this photoshoot. Mel sent me some pictures of her friend and she fit my model brief perfectly! She had an edgy look with facial piercings and some small body tattoos. She had a very photogenic face, and also had a confident style like Melissa. Working with both of these girls for this photoshoot seemed perfect and really excited me to get it going.

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