Photoshoot 4- Model & Posing Planning…


After Melissa (the stylist) had sent me images of her friend who wanted to model, I got in touch with her myself to arrange dates and give her some more specific details regarding the shoot. I had a look on her social media to see how she looked in different images, angles and lighting.

Hollie is also a trained makeup artist and is very creative and colourful with her looks. I asked if she would be comfortable doing her own makeup for the shoot and she was more than happy to, an was also asking if she could post them on social media afterwards to promote her makeup work, and I was more than happy for her to do so.


The next thing I needed to think of was how I was going to get Hollie to pose and how I was going to photograph her. I am going to keep the poses roughly the same as my shoot from before hand with Lily. I am going to keep it close up, cropped and playful. I want to experiment with hands playing with her face, hair and accessories, do playful/happy facial expressions and also do some crouching and sitting. I will refer to the moodboard I have made before for the posing.

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