Photoshoot 4- Lighting & Equipment Planning…


With the lighting for my 4th photoshoot, I am going to slightly develop it from what I have been using for my last 3 shoots. I want to keep the same idea of having the flash on one side of the model, with shadow on the other side of them, lifting the model from the background and making them stand out. However, this time around I want to try and add a reflector into the mix to see if it will improve the highlights on her face and in her hair. As my flash didn’t work on my last shoot, I am hoping it will this time and the reflector will add something a bit more to it. If the reflector adds too much bright light, then I won’t use it and use the same set up I used twice before. Having the octalight on one side and a black polyboard on the other.

Lighting diagram


I made a list of equipment I am going to need to carry out this shoot, I like to make lists of things I will need so I won’t forget anything and always make sure I have it all.

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