Photoshoot 4- Contact Sheets

I am pleased with how these images turned out for my fourth shoot. Experimenting with patterns and makeup was fun and really added to my images. I am really pleased with how my colour combinations have come out, and how the outfits look against the backdrops. Definitely an improvement from my last photoshoot, and showing that I can develop and become stronger as a photographer.

Once again, I was having problems with my lighting. I had bought a new hot shoe adaptor and sync lead to use for this shoot, so I knew that wasn’t the problem this time around, and I couldn’t figure out where the problem was coming from. When I first set up my studio and tested the lighting on my assistant Julia, it was working perfectly fine, giving me the type of lighting I was after, and some shadows. I started photographing Hollie in the first look, the lighting was fine, and it continued to work up until about half way through the shoot. Then the lighting started playing up, I would take a photo and it would be way too over exposed, then I would take a picture and it would be way too dark, then I would take a picture and it would be fine. Then it would start playing up again, and this kept happening for a good couple of minutes.

At this point, Geraint came into the studio and I asked him for some technical help while he was there. We were trying all sorts of solutions, turning things on and off again, changing the sync lead and hot shoe adaptor, adjusting my camera setting, all sorts, and it was still happening. The last thing Geraint suggested was to change my lens, from the one I was currently using (24-105mm) to the other one I had to hand. Changing the lens completely fixed the problem and the lighting was working fine from then on. Both Geraint and I were left very confused as to how it could have been the lens causing the problem, but we were both glad it was now sorted and I could get back to shooting.

Once the lighting issue was fixed, I got right back into shooting and was very happy with my outcomes.

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