Photographer Research- Distinctive, Repetitive Style…

Now I had looked into Elaine Constantine, I decided to look into some more famous photographers who are known for their consistent, yet unique style. Without knowing the images are by them, you would know just by looking at them closely. These are photographers I have studied and got familiar with throughout my years in photography education and are still an inspiration to me today.

Bruce Gilden-

Bruce Gilden is an American documentary photographer who documents the streets of New York and takes portraits of every day people. The elements that make his work stand out are the facial expressions and emotions he manages to capture in the people at that exact moment. I have seen videos on how captures his images, and it’s very intrusive on personal space but very clever. The fact he gets up close to people, and shoots a bright flash right in front of their face, means he can capture their true expressions in that very moment, giving his images a sense of true reality. His lighting is very unique to his name, its very bright, highlighting all the good and bad parts of someones face, and whats around them.

Alexander Rodchenko-

Rodchenko is a Russian photographer who before photography was an artist and graphic designer. Rodchenko’s work I have been familiar with for a long time, from a young age of studying photography back in school. I am so familiar with his work and his style that I am pretty confident in identifying his work without seeing his name on it. The elements of Rodchenko’s work that are very dominant are that he works in black and white, uses a lot of geometric shapes, lines and patterns and sometimes even involves people with the shapes and lines. He creates leading lines in his images, to allow your eyes to follow the lines and take in every inch of the whole image. The way he uses lines, shapes, light and shadows makes his images slightly abstract and very visually interesting. His graphic design and artistic flare is very visual in his images through the use of lines and geometry.


Rankin is a British portrait and fashion photographer. Rankin is the one photographer I always go to for inspiration, ideas and concepts. Ever since my school days and reading Hunger magazine, his work has always been amazing in my eyes and I like to take aspects of his work and add them to my own. The main style of work that Rankin creates that stands out to me and tells me it is his, is when he creates close up portraits of women with very eccentric and artistic makeup on. It could be on the cover of a magazine, online or on a billboard and his style of work would stand out to me to make me see it is his work. His lighting is very bright on the models face, leaving little to no shadow, but enhancing colours and facial features as well as making the makeup pop. He has a very eccentric style to what he likes to photograph and thats why I love his work.

From looking at these photographers, and seeing how they carry certain elements through each of their images, giving them a unique style has made me think about what elements of my work I can carry through for the rest of this project unit…

  • flash lighting on one side of the model, creating shadow on the other side to lift the model and not make the images look flat
  • contrasting colours between the clothing and the backdrop
  • close up portraits, from torso up
  • coloured hair, piercings and tattoos

These are some of the main elements I will try and keep consistent in my work to make my style something of my own.

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