Before Shot- Visuals (How Will My Image Look?)

Having a model confirmed and mood boards made, I knew what kind of final image I wanted to have. I knew that I wanted my model to look like a pink loving, ditsy blonde dog lover, in the before shot and video, and then afterwards see her transform out of that look and into the next big Ragga music superstar.

To get the message across that my client had attributes such as female, solo artist, barbie doll, being a dog groomer and into ragga music, I had to make sure I included certain elements to get these across. To get the barbie doll attribute across I knew I needed to involve glam makeup, done up hair, the colour pink and tight fitting clothing. To get the dog groomer attribute across, I knew I needed to involve a dog or dogs and some dog grooming accessories such as a brush, clips, scissors or shampoo. I also needed to remember that however my before shot looked was how my 2 minute video was going to look, as I was planning on shooting them together on the same day.

While finding visual inspiration, I came across some images and want to create something similar to these for my ‘Before’ fame picture of my client…

The elements I definitely want involved in my before picture are-

  • lots of the colour pink (makeup and outfit)
  • a small dog
  • looking like they look after themselves
  • grooming accessories
  • like they’re working

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