Tutorial With Geraint…

The day after my photoshoot, I had a morning tutorial with Geraint. I was excited to show him my images and my edits and get his opinion and advice for my next shoot coming up next week.

I showed Geraint my image and my edits and he agreed that my photos were getting stronger and that I had a more developed style of photography coming along. He liked the styling and the colour combinations and he was also keen on this idea of me using someone like Lily. In my last meeting we discussed me using normal, interesting girls rather than ‘models’, and he thought Lily worked well.

I explained to Geraint about the flash not working on the day of the shoot and he gave me some tips on how I can edit my images to be a bit brighter and how to add a bit more shadow, which the flash would’ve added if it was working. I was feeling happy about the feedback and help he was giving me.

Geraint then asked me what my plan was for my next shoot, I was unsure at this point as I had just finished shooting this one, but again I knew I had some ideas in mind that experiment with colour and an interesting model to photograph. I would like to incorporate some animal print or some bold patterns into my next shoot, I know it didn’t pay off well before, but now I have a set style of how to take my images, I feel that it could work better.

To finish off my tutorial, we went back to discussing sticking to this style of photography for the rest of the book and how consistency is key in this unit. Which then lead to Geraint showing me a photographer to look at called Elaine Constantine. He suggested I look at her work as she has a unique style to her photography that you can always tell when it is one of her photos. She is so consistent and different that she’s made her own niche in her photos. Geraint also suggest I look into some other photographers such as Martin Parr, who also always have consistency in their style.

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