Photoshoot 3- Styling Ideas

Now I had an idea in my head of how I roughly wanted my next photoshoot to look, I started planning how I want it to be styled. I have an idea of having it very bright, casual and 90’s themed. I want to use garments such as bright, block coloured sports t-shirts, puffer jackets and hair scrunchies, as this is quite similar to my personal style, I can give a stylist some direction and put my own personal touch to it with how I want my model to look. I started putting some ideas into moodboard so I could visualise where my head was going with it…

90’s inspired moodboard

This is the kind of style I would like to see in my images… bright, bold, simple yet quite graphic and in your face. I want to use a mixture of cropped tops, baggy t-shirts and big coats to get my 90’s/vintage sports style idea across. I will want most of the outfits paired with chunky white trainers, a hair scrunchie and some jewellery to complete the looks.

Luckily, for me, I used to do my foundation course with a girl called Ella, and she has this exact style! I knew a while back she wanted to go into fashion, and she is very good at styling herself, so I thought she would be perfect for this. I am going to ask her and see if she will help me with styling this photoshoot. She has a lot of brightly coloured garments in this kind of style so it would be a perfect collaboration!

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