Photoshoot 3- Posing Planning…

Now I had a model and styling looks confirmed for my photoshoot, it was time for me to start planning and putting ideas together of how to get Lily to pose. I knew I wanted to keep it similar to the poses I had already photographed in my previous 2 shoots but I knew I needed to adapt it a little bit.

With my two previous photoshoots, I have realised that I am personally not a big fan of photographing whole body shots. Unless the model is either crouching to sitting, I don’t really like photographing whole body shots standing up, so I will apply this to my shoot. To give myself a range of images, I will photograph Lily sitting, crouching, from her tips upwards, from her torso up and some close shots ranging from her shoulders to the top of her head.

This is a moodboard I created for some references when taking my images…

I will refer to this moodboard during my shoot to see if these poses work or not and how I can adapt them to make them into something that will work for the shoot.

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