Photoshoot 3- Planning and Ideas…

After speaking to Geraint about what to do next for my next photoshoot, I had lots of ideas come into my head… lots of ideas based around colours, fashion styles and portrait shots.

As Geraint and I had spoken about, and agreed on, my style of imagery/theme for this project is going to be brightly colours clothes/outfits photographed against a brightly coloured background that either compliments or clashes with the colour the model is wearing. We both thought this made very strong, eye catching portraits so this is why I am going forward with it and developing it.

Now I know I am sticking to bright colours, I had ideas on types of fashion come into my mind, and I wanted to try and experiment with a more 90’s kind of style. I like the idea of using sports wear, a puffer jacket, scrunchies etc, as that is my kind of style I wear and it would be interesting to see it in a photoshoot.

For that style of fashion I am going to try and find a confident model, who can bring a bit of attitude, and isn’t afraid to pose and use facial expressions in the images. I would like my model to have longer hair so it can be easily styled up or down.

Now I have ideas running through my head, its time for me to start putting things together and organising everything for my upcoming studio slot…

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