Photoshoot 3- Model Planning

With the styling for my third photoshoot being based on the theme of 90’s casual wear, I wanted to have quite a plain looking girl for these outfits, as they would do a lot of speaking themselves. But, I wanted to get someone with a lot of confidence, attitude, someone who would really wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear them. I wanted to try and find someone who wouldn’t be afraid to experiment with poses and facial expressions, and who could really let their personality come through in my imagery.

With that in mind, Ella responded to me about staying the shoot and said she would be more than happy to do so, which I was very pleased about as I knew she would be able to make it look great! I sent her over my moodboard and ideas and she was so easy to communicate with and more than happy to create the looks I wanted out of the outfits and accessories she had. I also mentioned to Ella the kind of model I was on the look out for, and if she knew anyone then to let me know…

She then mentioned that her friend Lily, an ex Ravensbourne student was up for the shoot and she would fit the model description near enough perfectly. Lily was tall, slim, had naturally long blonde hair and a fun, boisterous personality. Ella sent me some images of Lily…

Looking at the images of Lily that Ella sent me, she had the perfect look I was after for my model. She had naturally long hair that could be easily styled, she was naturally pretty and seemed confident in front of the camera, and she already seemed to wear similar clothes to Ella so I knew shed enjoy wearing the outfits for my pictures. It seemed like we were the perfect team!

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