Photoshoot 3- Lighting & Equipment Planning…


The lighting for this shoot is going to be the same as how I shot my first photoshoot with Kiera. I am going back to using this style of lighting as when I spoke to Geraint a little while ago, he mentioned about having some shadow in the face so my images don’t look so flat, and too washed out with having too much light on the model. In order for me to create some shadow in my images, I am going to use an octalight on the right hand side of the models face and body, and then have a black sided poly board on the left hand side, so there will be no light bouncing and reflecting on the models face and will leave the shadows. I don’t want the shadow to make the coloured backdrops dark, I want majority of the shadow on the face. I want my lighting to look a little bit like this…


I am going to be using the same equipment I have used for all of my shoots so far, the only difference this time around is I will be using one less flash head.

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