Photoshoot 3- Evaluation

Having spoken to Geraint prior to this shoot and establishing that from now on, this be my style of photography for my portfolio, I feel like this shoot is a pretty strong outcome from this. From my first shoot with Kiera being ‘good’ to my second shoot being ‘not so good’, I feel like I am now at a place where I am confident with ideas and what to do for each shoot.

This shoot is the start of my style of photography developing and going forward with it I am excited to see what I can create.

The way I have used the lighting (with flash when it works), the posing, the colour combinations and assisting with the styling is all what I will take forward in my photoshoots from now on. I have a better idea of what looks good and what doesn’t and how to photograph the rest of my book.

I will continue to shoot in this style, then have a tutorial with Geraint, show him and get his advice on how to improve it, go away, reshoot it and do the same the following week. This will allow me to become a stronger photographer and create a more consistent work flow.

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