Photoshoot 3- Contact Sheets

I like putting my images into the form of a contact sheet as it allows me to go through each look that I shot with Lily and Ella and pick out which ones are my strongest/best pictures. I chose my best pictures depending on the lighting, pose and how the image looked as a whole, I was going through them carefully as I can only pick the best for this project to go into my final printed book.

These images didn’t come out as bright as the others, these images came out with more of a yellow/orange tone to them. This is due to a technical fault before starting my shoot. I was testing the lighting on the stylist Ella, while Lily was getting ready and it worked fine, then when I went to start photographing Lily, either the sync lead or the hot shoe adaptor wasn’t working, I couldn’t pin point which one it was. I tried all sorted with my assistant Julia to try and over come the issue, she let me borrow her hot shoe adaptor she had on her, and that still wasn’t working so it must have been a fault sync lead. I was gutted about this as my work relied on flash to allow the colours to stand out and be as dominant as what they have been. However, I still went on with the photoshoot as I knew I could try and fix it in post production.

I tried to push it to the back of my mind and get on with the shoot, and overall I am happy with how the images turned out. The styling and outfits is exactly as I had pictured, and Lily was great fun to work with, she had a very easy personality to get on with and she brought that into the pictures which is obvious to see through her body language and facial expressions.

I am going to go through the best images that I have chosen and edit them using Capture One for the lighting and colours, and then finish them off in Photoshop for the skin retouching. I am hoping that changing the white balance and exposure in Capture will lift the orangey tone and make it brighter, as if it was taken with a flash. I am going to slightly enhance the colours and the shadows on Lily’s face and body, so my images don’t look flat.

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