Photographer Research- Elaine Constantine…

Elaine Constantine is a photographer and film director, who in the 1990’s became renowned for her bright, colourful documentary style portraits of young women. Elaine’s work has appeared regularly in publications such as French, Italian & US Vogue, i-D and W magazine and sh4 has also shot for clients such as Vivienne Westwood, Diesel and Burberry, but more recently for Gucci, The NY Times and Vogue China.

Elaine is a photographer who has her own unique, distinguished style of photography as she keeps important elements the same each time. When looking at her work, I noticed three main things that she kept the same that makes her work stand out as hers. I noticed the way she lights her images, the models facial expressions an hair styles and the colour blue.

From looking at her work, I can tell that she uses a mixture of natural daylight and a form of portable flash to light her documentary style portraits of young women. I can tell as we have done projects on portable flash before and her results look the same as how our lighting turned out too. I feel that her using a portable flash really accentuates the models moods through their facial expressions and the colours in her imagery. It also adds texture to their big hair that always looks naturally wind swept of in their face. The colour blue is also dominant in a lot of her work, either in the sky/background or in the models clothing. Blue is a very calming and relaxed colour, and that may have been used to make the audience feel that way when viewing her work.

Even in some of Elaine’s more recent work for Gucci and Dior, some of her personal photography elements are still present. She has kept a number of things consistent, including…

  • young female models
  • exaggerated facial expressions, mainly smiling and laughing
  • wind swept and lots of movement in the hair
  • bright lighting that highlights the smile and the texture in the hair
  • the colour blue

I think it is very clever how she has shot her work to always include at least a few or all of these elements. She has created a unique style that is now attached to her name. So without anyone even knowing its her work, they will already know.

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