Before Shot Planning…

My before shot will tell the story of my client before they go through the transition of fame. I want my before shot to show my client in their home environment, dressed how they want, in a comfortable setting that they’re familiar with. I want to get their true personality across in their clothing, hair, makeup and how they act.

As my client is a ‘female barbie doll’ I am going to incorporate this attribute through the fashion styling. I have an idea to dress her in tight all pink clothing, wearing high heels, with blonde hair, and a lot of silver diamond jewellery. This kind of fashion and colour way to me says ‘fake, plastic barbie doll’ which is the kind of characteristics I want to get across. I want her to come across as a fake, ditsy blonde girl who loves pink and loves to look after herself. Putting a kind of comical aspect into the ‘barbie doll’ term and making it come across quite literal.

As well as a ‘barbie doll’, my clients day job is a dog groomer. I want this to also be taken quite literally and made obvious in my before shot and in the 2 minute interview video. I have ideas to make the ‘dog grooming’ side of it stand out by using dogs in my before shot, video and even my after shot for the ‘album cover’. I am going to try and find someone who has a dog, or numerous dogs, that I can use in my project too. Having dogs involved will make it seem that she really loves dogs, and I can film/photograph her bathing and grooming them to make it obvious what she does. I am going to get them to pretend to ‘groom’ their dog by brushing, clipping or bathing their dog to show that she grooms them as her day job.

Below is a mood board of visual references for how I want my before shot to look…

I now need to look for a model to use. I need to find someone who fits the character profile of my attributes and also someone who has a dog or dogs, and also someone who would be comfortable with me filming them in their home.

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