Research From The Brief’s ‘Reading List’…

On our project brief is a reading list of suggested books and articles we can read to help guide us with our research and ideas for this project unit. I thought I would try and find some of them online and give them a read, or see if I could find anything about them online. I unfortunately didn’t have time to order any of the books and have physical copies by this point as my research had moved on to producing my images and film.

I didn’t manage to find a lot online about all of the books on the reading list, I managed to find a paper/essay someone had written on the book called “Six Thinking Hats” by E DeBono. There were some useful bits of writing about the book in the paper that I found useful for this project.

I really like the last bit of text in relation to this project. The part where it says “creating something which was not there” relates to how I first felt about my clients attributes when I picked them at random. At first there was no idea or relation between the individual characteristics at first, but after some creative thoughts and help, there was something there. I also like the bit where it says “having new, fresh ideas that have not been used before”. I can relate this to the project in a sense of making the images and video something new, fresh, unique, something that hasn’t necessarily been done before, and something that is unique to your style of work and the style and personality of your client.

I couldn’t find any online versions of the last book on the reading list, but I managed to find a small snippet of information from a website it was featured on. The book was “Social Work: Saatchi and Saatchi- Cause Related Ideas by E Jones.

The piece of text that I like in relation to this project is the bit where it says “the way to gain the trust of an audience is to simply tell the truth”, meaning that you have to make your clients story and style of music quite obvious to the audience in order for it to catch their attention almost instantly. The truth being about where they came from and what they did before their music career.

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