Picking My Clients Attributes…

Once we had been briefed on the new unit project in the morning, the afternoon was when we found out what our client/character would be like.

Matthew passed 3 enveloped round the classroom, and we each had to pick one attribute out of each envelope. One envelope was their day to day job, one envelope was their physical attributes and another envelope was their genre of music they perform. We had to pick them out at random and couldn’t change any of the attributes we originally picked out.

The envelopes got passed around to me and I picked out these attributes…

  • Occupation/ day job- DOG GROOMER
  • Physical attributes- FEMALE, SOLO ARTIST, BARBIE DOLL
  • Music style- RAGGA

When I first picked out these three characteristics I was very sceptical if they could all work together and create something that would work. I really wanted to change them to something I was comfortable working with but on some self reflection, I decided to stick with them as it would be fun to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Having a project like this where you get given a type of person, and you have to work with their personality, appearance and style is what happens in the industry, so this project will be good practise for what we could end up working with in the future.

My plan is to work with my random attributes and put them together in a way that still represents my style of photography.

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