First Initial Ideas…

Now I had picked my attributes, it was time to start thinking of ideas and creating mood boards to see what kind of outcome I could create. When the lesson finished for lunch, I made some quick mood boards based on rough ideas I had come to mind after the lesson.

I made this moodboard as a rough starting point based off of the “barbie doll” attribute. I initially took Barbie Doll as a; blonde, ditsy, skinny, glammed up, pink loving character. I thought using the barbie doll theme quite literally would make a really fun and exciting image, as it seems very opposite to the Ragga music industry. I could incorporate the dog groomer aspect into it by adding a small dog like a Chihuahua or sausage dog, and then add the Ragga music into it by using an African/Caribbean model.

I looked into the film ‘Life Size’ with Tyra Banks as a bit of inspiration. It is a film about Tyra Banks playing a plastic barbie doll, which then comes to life. I like how she looks very barbie like in a sense of having very glamorous hair and makeup, wearing pink and a lot of jewellery. I then looked into Drag Queens for some inspiration on the glamorous pink makeup. All of these ideas started linking up to visions in my head of how my final outcome images and video could look.

I then looked more into the ‘Dog Groomer’ attribute and started looking more into how I could incorporate that into my work. I instantly thought of an image I had seen before, where the person and the dog in the image both look alike. I couldn’t remember who the photographer was, but I googled the type of imagery I had in mind and found exactly what I was looking for…

I thought that involving a dog into the images in this kind of style would make it more fun and interesting to photograph and to see in the final outcome. It was an intriguing idea for me to do as I hadn’t photographed a dog and a model in the same photograph before!

The only aspect I was really struggling with was how to incorporate the “Ragga” music side of my client. I was going to stay behind after the lesson had finished to speak to Matthew and Geraint to see if they could give me some help on how I can intertwine Ragga music into my final images and video.

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