Tutorial With Geraint

Before I could go any further with my project, I needed to speak to Geraint so I could show him my photoshoots and get some ideas/help from him to progress forward.

I started off by running through my initial ideas with Geraint, reminding him that I like to photograph colour and portraits.

Then I showed him my first photoshoot with Kiera, (where she had blue hair) and he said that they were good, strong images for my first shoot of the unit. He really liked the contrasting colours between the clothes and the backdrops, and he also really liked Kiera’s ‘edgy’ look, with her blue hair and tattoos. I agreed with him on the things he was saying in terms of the contrasting, bright colours looking good and Kiera’s style adding something different to my images. Geraint also mentioned that he liked the lighting, he liked how there was some shadow in some of the pictures, not making them look so flat.

I then went on to show Geraint my second photoshoot images, and when going through the edits, Geraint said they weren’t as strong as my first photoshoot with Kiera. He liked the intentions I had but he felt that the first set of images worked better. He said they didn’t work as well because there was nothing about them that stood out as such, and he said that the lighting looked flat, as the white background had no shadows. What he did like about them was the range of poses I got the models to do, he said some of them looked a bit static, but majority looked good.

After speaking about my first two photoshoots, we spoke about what to do for my next few shoots for this project. Geraint and I agreed that carrying on the style of imagery from the first photoshoot (Kiera) would be best to ensure I have a strong project throughout. We also agreed on keeping some shadow within the lighting to make the images look less flat. I also mentioned that I wanted to carry on using ‘edgy’ models. People who had something different about them, whether it be hair colours, piercings, tattoos or their attitude/confidence. I felt comfortable and happy photographing models like that, and Geraint agreed it would make an interesting project.

I am happy I have spoken to Geraint before carrying on with my project, I feel a lot more confident about how I can carry on with it and what I need to do from now on before making my book.

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