Photoshoot 2- Edits

These are a few of the edits I did from my second shoot for this project. I started off by going through the images of Chesca when editing. To edit them I didn’t do a lot, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and the vibrance and I then did a bit of work to the skin and makeup. Adjusting the brightness and contrast allowed the colours to stand out a bit more and to make the image brighter overall. Upping the vibrance made the colours pop more. For the skin and makeup I used the spot healing tool, dodge and burn. This allowed me to create a smoother finish, enhanced highlight and darker eye shadow.

I really liked these images as general fashion/portrait based images, but they didn’t seem to stand out to me as much as my first photoshoot. They don’t stand out as much as I thought they would. These images were a result of me doing an experiment with having the clothes as the bright colours in the images and nothing else. I think that they look good and work well as general fashion/portrait images but not for this project.

These are some of my other favourite images from the photoshoot which I didn’t finish editing…

My next step in this project is to now arrange a meeting and speak to Geraint about where I am at so far, what I can do next and I want to show him my two shoots I have already done. I want to get his opinion on my edited images, see what he thinks works best and get his advice on how I can go forward.

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