More Magazine Research…

After speaking to Geraint, I needed to start planning my next photoshoot. All I know about it at the moment is that it is going to involve bright, contrasting colours between the clothing and the background and that the lighting needs to not look flat and have some shadow involved.

With this in mind, I decided to look at a few magazines to see if I could get some inspiration and ideas on poses, image cropping, colour ways and styling. I went into a WHSmith store to browse at their magazine selection and purchased ‘Glass’ Magazine and the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. I went with these particular magazines as the covers of Glass magazine intrigued me with a bold portrait on the front, and it also had a mens Glass magazine inside too. However, I could’nt see the inside content as it was wrapped in cellophane, so I had to judge it by its cover. I also chose Cosmopolitan as it had Kylie Jenner on this issue, and she had a spread inside. The photographic and creative content that Kylie creates, or if it has her in it, always inspires me in terms of styling, makeup and clothing, so I bought it because I knew I would find one aspect of it inspiring.

I picked out my favourite images from the magazines and analysed why I liked them and how I can apply bits to my images…

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