Photoshoot 2- Model Planning

Now I had an idea of what the styling of my shoot will look like, it was time for me to start looking for a model. As I wanted the clothes to be really bright and bold, I wanted to try and find a ‘plain’ looking model, someone quite the opposite to Kiera. Either blonde or brown hair, tall-ish, slim and had distinctive features.

I put some mood boards and emails together, and I sent them to modelling agencies to see if they would get back to me and let me use someone. I emailed PRM, Bame, Oxygen and Models1. Unfortunately none of the agencies got back to me, which was slightly annoying, but it wasn’t a problem as I still had enough time to find a back up model somewhere else. I had to have a look for someone using social media.

I put numerous posts on Facebook model pages, and Instagram and patiently waited for someone to reply to me. Within a couple of days I had a lot of girls messaging me saying they were free on the day I had the studio booked for. I went through the girls that messaged me and picked which ones I thought would be best. As a last minute decision, I booked two girls for the shoot, to try and give myself some more diversity and a wider range of images.

These are the girls I chose for the shoot…



I went with Chesca and Tajarne as my final two models as they both seemed like really nice, easy people to work with. They were free on the dates and times I needed them and they were also willing to bring some extra items of clothing and accessories along to the shoot too.

Now I have my models sorted, I need to think of the equipment I will need and how I am going to light my photoshoot.

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