Photoshoot 2- Contact Sheets

Putting my images into contact sheets allowed me to be able to view them easier. Having them in a grid, meant I could go through and outline my favourite ones. I outlined my favourite images depending on whether I liked the posing, lighting, shadows and colours. I decided to pick some brightly lit and some with more shadow as my favourite ones, so I had a range of styles when I go through and edit them.

I didn’t experiment with coloured backgrounds in this photoshoot as I wanted the clothes to stand out a bit more, but I experimented with lighting instead. I used the octalight, an extra flash head, the black side of the polyboard, and the white. Doing this gave me a wide range of images which I am happy with.

To edit these, I will slightly adjust the brightness, contrast and shadows, I will edit the skin to get rid of the large blemishes but mainly leave them to look unedited as I don’t want them to look ‘airbrushed’ or too fake.

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