Planning My Second Shoot

Now I had started working in the studio for this unit, and had the studio booked every Monday, I needed to finish planning and sorting out things for my next photoshoot, which was soon approaching.

I knew I wanted to stick within the theme of colour and had some ideas of people in mind who I wanted to work with and roughly what I wanted the shoot to look like. While sticking with colours, I wanted to push the boat out a little bit and experiment with colours in a slightly different way. I wanted the colours to be more in the clothing and makeup, rather than having the colours in the backdrop clashing with the plain coloured clothes. I wanted to have bright, quirky outfits with some pattern in that would be bold enough by themselves.

I have a stylist in mind that I would like to work with, her name us Alice Fletcher and she is currently doing fashion at Ravensbourne herself, we used to be friends when we did the same Foundation degree at Ravensbourne too. Alice has recently worked with Hanina Pinnick who is one of the photographers I am taking inspiration from for this unit and I really like the work they i made together.

I made a rough moodboard for the styling and makeup of the shoot, that I then used to advertise for models…

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