Photoshoot 2- Styling and Posing Planning…


The styling for this photoshoot is going to be different from my first photoshoot with Kiera. As previously mentioned, I want to experiment with colour in a slightly different way to before, I want the colours in the clothing, with pattern and print make them stand out, and I also want a pop of colour within the makeup. I am going to be working with Alice on this shoot who has a very unique and quirky sense of style, and I am confident she will be able to piece together some bright outfits for me to photograph. Alice has sent me images of some of the garments and accessories she will bring, this allows me to visualise what my shoot may start to look like.

stlying garments and colours


During my first photoshoot with Kiera, I shot quite close up portraits of her, mainly from the torso upwards, which created a more intimate and personal feel with the final outcomes. This time around for this shoot, I want to capture more long body shots, to photograph the whole outfit and also allow the model to create some more movement in the posing. I have been looking at Hanina’s work again as some inspiration and I like the poses she gets the models to do, from crouching, to sitting, to standing and even bending. Having more long body shots focusing on whole outfits will allow all of the colours and patterns to stand out in the images.

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