Photoshoot 1- Contact Sheets…

After doing my first photoshoot for this project, I put my images into contact sheets so I could go through and pick out my most favourite ones and the ones that I think look the best overall. Once I had been through them, I put a coloured X on the images I liked the most. I picked them as my favourite ones from each look depending on the lighting/shadows, colours and the posing.

Although it was my first photoshoot, it was more of an experiment/test to see how my ideas and research combined together would turn out, and I am not disappointed with the results. I am very pleased with how these images came out overall. I feel that I have put together a good photoshoot and produced some strong images that could potentially be used in my final portfolio at the end of this project.

I will now go through and subtly edit them. I will edit them by slightly adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation and I will emphasise the light and dark areas by using the dodge and burn tool. I will also edit the main parts of her face that may need some patching up.

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