Photoshoot 1- Styling and Posing Planning…


In terms of the styling for this photoshoot, I wasn’t 100% sure what kind of look I was going for, it was my first shoot so it was going to be one big experiment for my other shoots to come. I asked Kiera to send me some images of some bright coloured items of clothing she had that she could bring (images below). Some of them were very bright and bold and would look good against a coloured background in the studio.

I also had some bright coloured items of clothing I was going to bring to photograph Kiera in (below). As well as the brightly coloured pieces of clothing, I also asked Kiera to bring some dungarees, jeans and tracksuit bottoms so she had some bottoms that would fit her to wear with the colourful tops.

(add images of my clothing)


As previously mentioned, this is my first photoshoot for this unit, so I am not 100% sure what posing will work for this style shoot until I dive in and start photographing. I have some ideas in mind from previous mood boards I have made and the photographers I have been looking into. I am going to play around with poses and image cropping to get the best of Kiera’s personality through my images and see what does/doesn’t work with the clothing as well. I have seen some inspiration from images where models are playing with their hands/face together which works well and I also like the look of models playing with the clothing in the pictures. I will try a mixture of these ideas and see how they turn out.

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