Colour In Fashion (Part 1)…

Colour in fashion tends to evolve along with the season, popular trends and some times peoples feelings. For example, in colder seasons such as Autumn and Winter, darker colours such as plum purples, navy blues and emerald greens are worn, where as in the summer it tends to be colours such as bright fuchsia pinks, sunshine yellows and ocean blues. While looking for some more information on colours in fashion, I came across some information on where colours in fashion first started out…

I found this interesting to read and it taught me something new about colours in fashion and where it started.

Colours in fashion can also be a sign of someone depicting their mood/feelings through what they wear. We had a lecture on colour and how it portrays emotion last year during our creative collaboration unit, with a guest tutor called Bill and I found it very interesting to learn about. I found a colour chart which roughly sums up what I learnt from the lecture we had last year…

When planning my colour themed photoshoots, I am going to avoid using certain colours in certain ways so it doesn’t show the wrong type of emotion. I want my shoots to be bright, exciting and fun to look at.

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