Planning My First Shoot…

As I have been looking at colours, patterns and photographers for some inspiration for a little while now, I decided it was time I start putting some more solid ideas together for my first photoshoot for this project unit.

For my first photoshoot I wanted it to be an experiment with colour, lighting and posing. As it is my first photoshoot for this project, it will be a case of me testing the waters with different aspects and seeing how then turn out.

I have a friend called Kiera I am interested in working with for this project, I have used her for numerous photoshoots before and am very comfortable photographing her. She is very naturally photogenic, confident and I know what angles and compositions work well with her. At the moment she has blue hair, which adds some personality and bit of an ‘edgy’ look to her for the images making her different from your stereotypical model.


Kiera is someone that suffers with mental health issues, and she has spoken to me in the past about how she likes to wear bright colours and bold patterns to make herself feel better and be individual, almost to cover up that she’s going through some problems. With this in mind, I would like Kiera to bring some of her own clothes to the photoshoot and to style herself. That way, she can feel comfortable and confident in what she is wearing, and I think it will make her personality and individuality come through better. I also have some items of brightly coloured clothing that I want to experiment with on Kiera for this photoshoot.

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