Photoshoot 1- Lighting and Equipment Planning…


For this photoshoot I want my lighting to be quite a simple set up but have a lot of impact on the images. I often use a 1200RX flash head with the Octalight soft box and a black or white polyboard depending on if I want shadow or not, sometimes I use an extra flash head light if I want a very bright image with no shadow or depth. For this shoot I am going to stick to using the octalight as my main source of light, with a polyboard, and I will experiment with the white side of a polyboard to give me more reflection and use the black side of the polyboard for more shadow.

I will have my camera on the setting 1/125 and F8 which is what I usually use when I am shooting in the studio, and I will adjust the lighting accordingly.

My studio set up will look a bit like this…


This is a list of equipment and props I am going to need (minus clothes and shoes) for my photoshoot. The canon camera I will be using is my own, same with the hot shoe adaptor, QP cards and Mac laptop. Everything else I will be loaning from Kit Store and borrowing from the studio.

I am going to book out a couple of lenses from Kit Store to experiment with using on this photoshoot. I am going to experiment with an 18-135mm and a 24-70mm. I have been reading up on good lenses to use for studio portraits and these two came up a lot. I already have a 70-200mm lens that I may use for some long body shots.

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