Photographer Inspiration- Rankin…

Now I had spoken to Geraint and had an idea to start working on, I decided to look into some photographers for some inspiration of how to compose my shots. I have a few favourites that I always turn to for inspiration, one of them being Rankin, he is one of my all time favourites. 

The reason I love Rankin’s work is that it is so unique, and he always puts his own individual mark on his work. He is always changing the way he shoots and composes his images, meaning every image he publishes is fresh and different. Some of my favourite aspects of his work is the facial expressions he captures, the colours and general artistic feel of his work.

On my moodboard I have created a coloured and numbered key…

Blue 1’s- I like the composition of these particular images in terms of the way they have been shot so intimately with the subject of interest. I like how they are quite up close and personal with the model, and also the close cropping really makes your attention focus on their face. The addition of hands playing with the clothes and hiding the face in the image also adds an interesting aspect as it makes you look into their eyes.

Yellow 2’s- What I like about these images by Rankin the most is his use of colour. I love the look of bright, clashing and complimentary colours in a photograph. This has given me huge inspiration for some colour ways I can work with. I like the look of the same colour being used for the backdrop and the subject, and I also like the contrast between different colours in the background. I am going to take inspiration from these colours and add them into my work through the subject and background.

Green 3’s- What interested me about these images was one, the facial expressions of the models, and two the movement in the posing. I really like the way he has captured some personality in the models, through the use of posing. Their facial expressions add some attitude and personality to the images, in a way making the colours and image as a whole ‘pop’ even more. I have taken some inspiration from this for my shoots, to try and get my models to be more free within their movements and facial expressions.

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