Photographer Inspiration- Jon Premosch…

In the above moodboard, is some of the photographic work by BuzzFeed photographer, Jon Premosch. Jon photographs celebrities and people of interest that BuzzFeed are writing about, and he takes the portrait images that will support the article. I have spoken on a few occasions with Jon over social media, asking him questions about his job, the industry and how he finds his job and it was very interesting to find out what he had to say!

Jon doesn’t just take a ‘plain jane’ kind of simple portrait, he takes portraits of people using colour, fashion, lighting and personality to make his pictures what they are.

I find the way he shoots his work really inspiring and it makes me want to recreate work in a similar style to his. I really like the way he uses contrasting colours between the fashion and the backdrops, in my opinion, I think that it makes the image really eye catching, it makes you stop and look at it and inspect it in more detail. His use of pattern is also very interesting, similar to how he uses colours clashing with each other, he uses pattern to clash with colours also.

The way Jon has lit his images makes the colours reach out to the audience, the contrast is enhanced through the use of strong lighting. From looking at his images, I can see in some of the glasses reflections that he uses one source of flash and a beauty dish or umbrella, creating a clear, crisp finish on the details of the subject. Some of his images seem to have a bit more shadow to them, and I think he may have created this by using one main flash, either on one side of the studio, or in the centre of his set up. I find this inspiring as his work shows that you don’t need a lot or a big fancy set up to create an enticing image.

From Jon’s work, I am going to take inspiration from him through using models that have something about them and can show some personality within my pictures. I am going to experiment with similar lighting set ups and will include bright/bold colours and patterns like he has too.

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