Photographer Inspiration- Hanina…

Hanina is an ex Ravensbourne student who now works in commercial and advertising fashion work for fashion brands, based in London. I came across some of her work while she was at Ravensbourne and I had a few chats with her while working in the studio. I follow her on Instagram where she posts all of her recent work so I am always being kept up to date with what she is up to.

I take inspiration from Hanina’s work in terms of styling, poses and lighting, her images are really good (in my opinion) and I hope to create work as good as hers in my time after I graduate. I really like the way her work is a ‘less is more’ approach. She shows me as a fellow photographer, that you don’t need much to make a good photograph if you photograph it right.

(moodboard of hanina’s work)

Hanina’s work is always very bright, fresh and current. I like how she stays on trend and experiments with clashing & complimentary colours and patterns. She tends to photograph coloured/patterned clothing against coloured backdrops and I love this look/style of photographic image. I am going to take inspiration from Hanina in terms of how she gets her models to pose. Some shots she gets close to the model, making the image intimate through eye contact and close cropping of the face, and some images she lets the model be free within the image frame, showing some more movement and personality in the model and image as a whole.

I also like the way she has lit her images, making the colours stand out against each other, and making the details of the models face very clear. It looks like Hanina uses either one large flash in the centre of the set up, or she uses two flash lights either side of the model, to create a bright image. I am going to combine all of the inspiration I have taken from Hanina and apply it to my own images in terms of the posing, lighting and staying on trend with the styling.

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