Book Research- Colour…

To give myself a better understanding of colour and to find some more information on it, I headed into the library to find some books that would help me out. 

The first book is called ‘the production manual*’ by Harris Ambrose, and it is a graphic design handbook. In the book was pages about typography, page layout, wording and colour. In the colour section of the book it included a lot of colour charts which I found interesting to look at, it was interesting to see even more variations of shades and tones and how they work together.

I found it interesting to read about how different colours can draw in a certain type of persons attention, and how certain colours can make us feel certain emotions. I also found it interesting to read about how different colours print differently and give a different look after they’re printed than to when they’re on a digital screen.

The next book I looked at was a book about magazine design, I thought that a book like this would be helpful seeing as we are creating our own individual portfolio at the end of this project, which we can design however we like, and the idea of a magazine style interests me. I looked in this book to try and find some more inspiration on colours and possibly some design inspiration on how to lay out my pages.

I didn’t find as much in this book as I had hoped but I did come across to pages that would be of use to me. The first one is a type of colour chart where two colours are paired next to each other. The two colours are different shades of the same colour but it shows that they can compliment one another. I can use this as reference when it comes to the styling of my shoots, for example, I can look at this and see that a bright yellow top would work well with a slightly lighter yellow background, and vice versa.

The second page is an example magazine cover inside the book, very plain and simple but thats what I like about it. I like the simple bright yellow text against the bright blue background, how the colours compliment one another and how it has made a simple cover stand out in the book. If I decide to lay my portfolio out as a magazine I will refer back to this for some inspiration for a potential front cover design.

The last book I found in the library is called ‘Designer’s Guide To Colour’. When I first picked this book up, I didn’t think it would have much use to me as I am not a ‘designer’ and thought it would be more fashion based, but it surprised me and I found some interesting pages inside. There were pages and pages of colour charts inside, but not just plain colour charts, they were patterned. Showing different ways that colours can go to together to create patterns, and again, which ones work well against each other. My favourite colour charts are the spotty ones as I like the pairs of colours they have matched together to create interesting designs and colour ways.

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