Project Evaluation…

Coming back to uni after a long summer break, being given a new project and being able to work with people again excited me. I started this unit off on a high, I was feeling inspired, organised and ready to get my project and series of images done. Which soon started to deteriorate. I started to become less organised, uninspired and I have ended up pretty much hating my final images. 

When we were very first given this brief, the idea of plastic pollution being my topic came into my head straight away. I was excited, confident and wanted to get the ball rolling almost instantly. I sat and spoke to Alys Tomlinson about my idea and where I wanted to go with it, and she liked where my head was at with it, which thrilled me even more. I had an instant vision in my head of what I wanted to do, and I was going to do it. 

A few weeks went by and while ideas and research were coming along, we had a few group tutorials and meetings with our tutors to explain our ideas and where we were at with our project. My first few meetings with a group, Geraint and Matt started off great, I pitched my idea, showed them my research and it was all a positive outcome, all I had to do was shoot my pictures. 

This is where a few issues started to come in. Like I said, I had a vision in my head that I wanted to create, but, that wasn’t how my pictures turned out. I worked with what I could, and then it was time for my formative assessment with Geraint. I showed him where my WordPress was at at the time, and the images I had just taken. After explaining my project to Geraint he understood my pictures and seemed to like them, which gave me a little confidence boost that I was on the right tracks. He gave me some ideas of how I could improve my pictures for when I next show them to him or Matt. 

Weeks went by, I shot another set of images, then it came to be my meeting with Matt. This didn’t go so well, and ever since this meeting I have hated my work, felt like my whole project has been an absolute shambles and really regret the project idea I chose to execute from the start. I really started kicking myself and getting myself down over this project, worrying that what I have done isn’t good enough and that I am not going to get a good grade for my first project back, in my last year at university. 

My actual photoshoots went well overall. I managed to collect more than enough plastic rubbish, find a bathtub to use and a model willing to help me, get good enough lighting and take my images. This wasn’t an issue, but looking back over my images now, and receiving feedback, I’m not 100% happy with them. I don’t feel that they show my photography skills well and what I am capable of. I could have definitely picked a different topic to show off my photo taking ability and something that I would’ve been happy with. As I had this idea at the very start of the project, I jumped straight on it too quick and didn’t want to steer away from it as I was originally very intrigued by the idea of doing plastic pollution. I wish I had sat back and thought about another idea that I would’ve enjoyed photographing more. 

A positive note of my project is my digital workbook on WordPress. I put a lot of effort into filling up my workbook with a lot of research, images and writing and feel that this is a good reflection of how much effort I put into doing my work and that I am capable of getting a lot of work done in time for a deadline. I also feel I have created a series of images that have stuck to my narrative throughout, which is obvious in my workbook. They work individually and coherently to show the topic of plastic. 

I feel like I will enter the Sony Photo Awards again, but next time with a stronger set of images that show off the best of my photographic ability.

To finish this evaluation off I will sum up how I feel overall…

– Unhappy with my images, not my usual photographic style, perhaps too narrative driven?
– Disheartened and down after my meeting feedback
– I like how full my WordPress is and feel I have done a good job on it
– Next time, pick a topic where I can really enjoy myself and create images that show off the best of my photography skills

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