Other Competitions I Am Going To Enter…

During this project we had to think about other competitions we may enter throughout the year as well as the Son World Photo Awards. In the first few weeks of this unit starting, Matt talked to us about creating a table of competitions we may enter in the future. I made a rough start on one during the early stages of this unit…

This was a rough draft that I drew up in my notebook so I could keep track of the competitions I had seen of interest to me. I decided to make it neater and easier to read, so I typed it up on a computer…

I decided to focus on these competitions in particular, as while searching for which ones I could enter (based on the deadline, entry fee and prizes), these ones appealed to me the most. I wrote next to each of them why they appealed to me and why I would enter them. 

Now I am coming to the end of this project, I am going to put the competition deadlines in my diary and brainstorm some ideas for some competitions I may enter next year. I would like to create some new, good quality work to enter as I would like to give myself the chance to be noticed and get my name/work out in the big wide world. 

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