My Image Series Description…

As well as submitting our images we had to give our series a name and write a short description, no longer than 150 words, about our images. Including information like why we took them. I went simple with mine. This is the series name and image description I submitted…

Series name- Plastic Pollution

Series description-

Plastic pollution has been on the rise in the media lately, it seems to be all we see in the papers, on TV and on posters. Seeing it everywhere, it has been on my mind a lot. 

I decided to create this series of images to get a message across about plastic pollution, the message being, if you wouldn’t pollute your friends and families surroundings, why are you doing it to aquatic life in the sea? 

I used a model covered and submerged in plastic to get the eerie feel across, with her looking lifeless and uncomfortable. As it is only what happens to the animals in the sea. 

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