Experimenting With Text/ Turning My Images Into Adverts…

During my project, I had the idea of my images possibly being used as plastic pollution adverts. While doing research and finding ideas for my project initially, I came across a lot of plastic pollution adverts with text quotes on them, which helped enhance the message of the images. I have had ideas of possibly using text on top for my final images, but decided against it for the competition as I didn’t like how they looked for submission to Sony. However, I am going to show my experiments with text on my images anyway. 

I couldn’t seem to find the the right place for the text to go over my images, it didn’t sit right anywhere around her face, and if it did go over the top of her face it took away too much from the image behind it. I didn’t like the writing at the side as it didn’t look like it should be there, and overall, not figuring out where it looked right, this made me decide not to include text altogether.

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