Cropping Down My Images (1-2.5)…

During my tutorial with Geraint a few weeks ago, he suggested that I crop my images down to measurements around 1-2.9, making it crop down to a billboard style image. He suggested this as I was saying that my images could almost be used for a plastic pollution advert and I could experiment with putting text on top, which is when he then suggested cropping them down to that size. 

I mentioned what Geraint had said during my meeting with Matt and Matt started cropping some of my images down to 1-2.9 to see how they’d look and he liked the look of them cropped down to billboard size and suggest that I try them all at that size. I went for 1-2.5 as 1-2.9 was a little too small  for my liking and lost too much of the image, having it slightly bigger made a difference in how the image looked.

I prefer them cropped down to this size as there isn’t any negative space in the image, no bathtub or tiled wall showing, just the model and the plastic, and where some of them have cropped it makes you focus on the details more.

Cropped images @ 1-2.5-

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