New Edits…

I had a good look through my second set of images and picked these ones as some of my best ones, and decided to experiment editing them in black and white. I really like them in black and white as there is no colour distracting you from the image as whole, the harsh lighting creates good contrast within the black and white tones. I also feel that the images being quite dark, makes the plastic in the images almost look like some form of monster, taking over the model and the water. 

I definitely prefer my pictures cropped down to landscape rather than portrait, having them landscape allows the plastic to fill more of the picture, making it one of the main focuses of the image. When looking over the images, I kept referring to the images of the animals caught in plastic in the ocean, to see if my images I have taken get my idea across, and I feel like there is a close reference/link to the model being trapped and caught in plastic like the animals are. 

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