Talk With Bruno Bayley

Yesterday we had the pleasure of a guest speaker coming in to give us a talk all morning. This week the talk was given by Bruno Bayley, who is the current Managing Editor at Magnum Photos. Magnum Photos is the worlds oldest artistic collective. It was found in WW2 by four photographers and is still going today. Bruno is also judging the Student category of this years Sony Worlds Photo Awards. 

He came in and gave us a talk about the previous work he’s done at Vice, his current work at Magnum and some tips and tricks to help tackle the industry and contacting people. During the talk, I sat and made some notes as he was speaking, I found the talk useful and he made some goo points…

The notes I made…

  • He started at Vice at the age of 20
  • He was Associate Editor for 2 years and then Managing Editor for another 2 years
  • He became an Editor at Vice as they didn’t have one
  • He found that working at Magnum is really different to Vice as Magnum is more pictorial work the editorial
  • If you want an editor to read an email, present it well, give it a good title to catch their attention as theyre busy a lot of the time. He learnt this while working at Vice, got rejected a lot then learnt how to get responses
  • Figure out the best place for your work, the project you want to punch, its a waste of time to email the wrong person. Apply social norms, don’t do or say anything you wouldn’t say to anyone in class or out and about. Be yourself
  • Push for a face to face meeting, theyre hard to get as some people are busy, if you can get one its worth while, as your name and work sticks in their mind better
  • Make the most of any connections you already have, sometimes its not what you know, its who you know
  • He left uni, done a classics degree, then a fast track journalism course, then got the job at Vice
  • He got the job at Vice as he met the Editor at the time in a pub through mutual friends, he didn’t really say yes or no, but Bruno turned up at the office every day for three days after, hoping for the editor to be there, then he turned up on the same day as him and got the job
  • He started at Vice as a glorified intern
  • He did lots of advertorial work
  • He made the effort to learn contemporary photography and graphics really well, better than anyone else in the office so it became his signature thing at Vice, he became the Managing Editor
  • Magnum is a very photographically focused place, no matter what team you’re working with, they expect you to have a good understanding of the agency and photographic knowledge
  • Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t get a reply, find a balance between persistence and patience

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