Second Shoot Day & New Contact Sheets

How the shoot went…

After I had a tutorial meeting with Geraint and he gave me some feedback on how I can improve my images, I decided to give it another go, taking his feedback on board and re shoot my pictures. This time around, I used a harsher lighting, which I used my flash gun for, I removed all labels from the plastic rubbish so there were no colour or advertising distractions in my images at all, and I took more of my images landscape, making it easier for me to crop down into a billboard (1-2.9) format like Geraint suggested. 

As I had already has a go at doing my shoot the first time round, I knew exactly what I was doing this time round and things went a lot smoother, therefore I had more time to experiment with different things. Such as different types of plastic, the way I placed them in the bath with the model and even how the water looked (some clear and some dirty). I thought trying it with dirty water might add to the narrative of my images a bit more, in the sense of how we are ‘dirtying’ our oceans with plastic everyday. 

Majority of these images came out a lot better than the ones I took the first time around. However, if I feel that some of the first lot of images will work with my new second lot, then I may use a mixture of the two, depending on how they fit as a series once they’ve been edited and played around with.

My model was really patient with me when photographing these images, she worked well with me and was even giving me a few ideas on things I could do to change the images around so I had a wide range of different looking images. I felt comfortable working with my model and was overall happy with how my shoot day went and how my images turned out. 

Contact Sheets…

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