(New) Equipment List, Lighting Diagram and Image Composition

Things I will need on the day of my shoot…

For my new lighting set up, I am going to have my large soft box facing away from the model, but still have it there so a little bit of light will be lighting up the room as well as my flash. I will then photograph my model from above the bath tub with my flash gun on top of my camera. Having the flash directly above the model and the plastic, will light it up a lot harsher and brighter, making the colours and details stand out more. 

My new lighting diagram and set up…

As well as sticking to similar image compositions like before, I am going to photograph the plastic binding similar to my diagram, I will wrap some of it around my models face to show restriction, and then I will have her buried underneath it in the water also. It will kind of look like the plastic binding is consuming my model which I want, as it shows how plastic is consuming our oceans and animal habitats. 

How some of my new images will look…

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